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Hi guys!

Thank you all for your responses and suggestions to my last post. Here's the sitrep:

- I'd like to welcome [profile] foxrafer as new co-mod / maintainer of this comm. I'm so happy that you agreed to join me (and that you did all the work in the last couple of days :)).

- We (and by that I mean Foxy who did all the work :)) set up a mirror / backup journal over at Dreamwidth under All of you who already have a DW account can of course instantly join there; if you don't and if you don't want to create one, you can just bookmark the place. - If one of you doesn't want their posts mirrored on DW, please send a PM to me or [profile] foxrafer and we will delete your posts at DW.

- This comm on LJ will stay here for the time being; we're still trying to suss out if we can turn old posts into friends / members only, but so far I have faaailed ;). New posts made to this comm, however, will automatically be members only.

- Several people have suggested to import all the Vigbean goodness to AO3. I haven't yet looked into that, and I probably won't in the near future because
a. I have no idea about copyright things (I think it's different with the DW mirror because it's supposed to be just that, a backup), and I know that quite a few members here didn't want their stuff to be archived anywhere but here or on the rugbytackling website.
b. I heard back from a couple of people who'd like for rugbytackling to stay online, and I am happy to pay for the site for as long as there is still interest. So, until further notice, you'll all have access to the stories posted up to 2014 on
If one of you wants to look into importing stories to AO3, please feel free to do so and PM me about it or something.

- Last but not least, this comm hasn't been very active in the last couple of years. Talking to some of you (and visiting the website, which I haven't done for a year :)) gave me an idea how to liven things up a little bit and celebrate the great fic in our corner of fandom as well as the fantastic job [personal profile] govi20 did with the website.
So how about we do that in a series of rec posts / appreciation posts - my current idea is to have themed posts, e.g. "What's your favourite contemporary AU / story under 1000 words / curtain-fic?" or something like that? We could also just do random link dumps to stories in the archive, just to get the ball rolling etc.
a. Would that be something you're interested in?
b. Could we do it over at DW and start of the comm there this way or are you all partial to LJ? Personally, I'd prefer DW but feel free to discuss in the comments :).

- Last but not least, because hey, this is what we're here for, right? Have a short Vigbean ficlet:

When Sean wakes, he finds himself in a hammock. Well, under it, really. The reason for the whole waking up thing (it is only two p.m., and he isn't 20 anymore, he likes his afternoon naps, thank you very much) is that he just fell out of said hammock.

'Viggo!' he bellows, well, tries to bellow; it's a bit difficult with his face in the tulips. But he wouldn't be Sean Bean if he couldn't convey the full force of his annoyance even when lying down in the grass, would he.

'Yes, dear?' Viggo hollers back from the other end of the garden, and Sean rises enough - fuck it, he strained his back - to spot Viggo on the terrace. In his full football kit.

'Did you just fucking shoot a fucking football at me?' Sean enquires. Well, bellows.

'Quite possibly', Viggo yells back, his smile bright enough to light their entire suburb (yes, they have a house in the suburbs. Deal with it. Sean even painted the fence white. Well, the bits that Viggo didn't paint purple.).

Sean briefly rests his forehead against the (already ruined) tulips.


There are footsteps coming closer, and Sean turns his head and watches how Viggo first retrieves his football, then crouches down on the grass next to him. Viggo threads his fingers through Sean's hair, and it's not fair, a fucking Pavlovian response, Sean can't help it but hum happily.

'How else would I get you to play with me, hm?' Viggo whispers.

There are several ways Sean can think of. Like FUCKING ASK, like a normal person, for one. But hey, if he wanted normal, he wouldn't have married Viggo, would he?

'I will crush you', Sean therefore responds, gets up and snatches the ball from Viggo.


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"You’ll Never Walk Alone" XD


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