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And Then He Rugby-Tackled Me!

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Name:The art of rugbytackling your significant other
Website:Rugbytackling - The SB/VM Fic Archive
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This community features Real-Person Slash (RPS). If you don't know what that is, we recommend reading AlterNet's story about it before you proceed any further. By reading or participating, you agree not to threaten or harass any members of the community.

Manly men passionately rugby-tackling one another and being blond together! This community is devoted to Sean Bean / Viggo Mortensen slash. Stories about the pairing and/or their characters, quotes from interviews, fic challenges, images (including manips), icons, vids, and other silliness are all welcome!

Community Guidelines:

  • Posts must be about Sean AND Viggo, or some incarnation(s) thereof. Other characters may of course be included in the mix but Sean and Viggo must be the primary pairing; this is an absolute requirement.
  • No off-topic posts, please. We might post a mod poll, fic challenge or question occasionally but if you have questions, email one of us please.
  • Any genre/type of material (slash, het, orgies, AU, crossovers, icons, manips, and so on) are welcomed as long as it meets the primary Sean-AND-Viggo requirement.

Also, please and thank you:

  • Always use disclaimers, warnings and appropriate ratings on stories, especially RPS.
  • Fics featuring underage SeanVig are to be posted as locked friends-only.
  • Use LJ-cut tags for large photos and all stories (including drabbles).
  • All entries posted directly to the comm must be public - at least in the first instance. Similarly please do not post links to locked entries in your own journals. If you wish to lock an entry or remove it after a given amount of time, then feel at liberty to do so, but please make your intention clear in the header.
  • Keep disputes/arguments off the message boards.
  • Give credit for pics, articles, icon bases, or any other material not your own.
  • Lastly and importantly, if you want to post some kind of advert for another community or awards thing or competition, please contact us beforehand - otherwise you might find your post deleted.

Legal Stuff:

  • All the material on this site is fictional unless specifically noted otherwise. These are our fantasies and have NO bearing on the real lives or activities of the subjects of our stories and artwork.
  • No material from this site may be forwarded, reposted or archived without written permission from the authors of that material. This includes gossip and feedback as well as fiction, icons, and artwork.
  • This is a community for adults. If you are under the age of legal consent in your area, please respect our restrictions.

Fic Archive:

As of November 2013, the Rugbytackling archive - originally set up by milochka in 2003 and maintained by govi20 for many years will not be updated . The archive is still searchable but is unlikely to be available beyond the summer of 2014. - We hope to get the site up and running again after that, hopefully under the same URL, but we'll keep you updated.

As of July 2014, the archive is now hosted under a new address: - If you have stories in the archive and you want us to take them down from this address, please contact us via pm.

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Any other questions? Just send usa message via LJ :)


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